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kazan tours – Kazan tour


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Kazan Museums МУЗЕИ КАЗАНИ

Museum “Kazan Kremlin” Museum-Reserve is an object of historical and cultural heritage of federal importance and particularly valuable object of cultural heritage of the Republic of Tatarstan. The uniqueness of the Kazan Kremlin is a number of features inherent only to him, because Kazan Kremlin – is, first, the world’s current center of Tatar culture …


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Kazan Hotels

The Grand Hotel Kazan   4*  The Grand Hotel Kazan offers a sauna and a jacuzzi, along with an indoor pool. Its premium facilities include a beauty centre, a beauty salon and a fitness centre. The Grand Hotel Kazan provides a variety of personalised services for guests, like a complimentary shoeshine service, a concierge and a …


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City Transportation

Kazan’s rapid growth in the 19th century led to the emergence of public transport in the city. Kazan was one of the first cities of Russia where omnibuses – 12-seat stagecoaches – appeared in 1894. Horse-drawn railway was established in 1875. And an electric tram started running its routes as early as in 1899, which …


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Raify monastery

Right at the beginning of May, 2005 owing to a travel company from the city of Elabuga “Lakruan” has made small excursion in Raifsky a monastery – one of the oldest and most beautiful working man’s monasteries in territory of Russia, located in several kilometers from the city of Kazan. With weather, certainly, has not …


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Туры в Казань


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